I am a restless artist, trained as a musician and composer, interested in exploring beyond disciplinary boundaries and in connecting my practice with what happens to us as human beings in our time. Currently, I am highly interested in the way technologies impact the construction of reality, isolating us, mechanizing and dehumanizing our connections, but at the same time projecting and enabling transformations that make us question our limits as a species. This has been the framework for the realization of my recent and most significant creations: Insomnia; Artificial; Mechanical Obsessions. In these more than twenty years of career, I have developed a practice that spans a wide creative spectrum, ranging from experimental music theater works (Insomnia; Autómata; Microteatro Psicopático) to audiovisual installations or collaborative performances (Cubonicación; REC). I have also created music for solo piano with and without electronics (Mechanical Obsessions; Tríptico; Art of Improvisation); compositions for ensembles and orchestra (‘En Dehors II; ‘Nebula VII bis,), and the practice of non-idiomatic improvisation (3 Pianos; Silent movies). While music and sound are my natural workspace, I have also delved into Live Cinema, performance (Anamorfosis; Anatomía de lo invisible) and literature. The latter has served me in crafting the texts for all my aforementioned recent musical theater creations. Finally, I could say that my current music sits at the intersections of contemporary classical music and electronics, with influences from minimalist and experimental genres.