O S C A R   C A R M O N A

Oscar Carmona is a composer, pianist and multimedia artist. His music explores and draws from several genres such as minimalism, classical music and piano tradition, film scoring and electronic music. Oscar has written music for piano, ensembles, orchestra, electronic media, interactive performance and also for dance, short films and theater. His instrumental compositions have been premiered in Japan, France, Switzerland, USA, Spain, Germany among other countries. Although Oscar is hugely influenced by the music of Bach (“the Alpha and the Omega”), he is currently seeking a symbiosis between the world of classical music and the sonic universe of electronic music, though his latest works consist of compositions of a more intimate character, centered mainly around the piano. “Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to basics to keep moving”


L A T E S T   R E L E A S E S



Elegía - Portada


During the evenings of early March, when we all heard about the invasion of Ukraine through the news, I found this music under my fingers. Thousands of kilometers from the events, the voices of the silenced were present. “Elegía” (Elegy) is a silent and contemplative song for the victims of war, a sad but hopeful music for difficult times. This music is also the first of a series of solo piano compositions that I will be releasing over the next few months.

Furthermore, Elegía is part of the compilation albums released to support the victims of war in Ukrainian.

Over 100 artists from all around the world have gathered in a record time to create Додому, a compilation to support the victims of war in Ukraine, with all profits directed to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

All albums are available on Bandcamp only (Додому I, II, III, IV, V). 

Donate: https://dodomu.bandcamp.com

All sales will be sent to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

M E C H A N I C A L   O B S E S S I O N S

“In a world that substitutes reality for virtuality, our experience is being reduced to a set of iterations, resembling a programing loop that it’s repeated mechanically, obsessively, mechanicaly, obsessively…”

Mechanical Obsessions is, literally, a mechanistic and obsessive work, built upon little iterative loops and algorithms. Concerned about how technology impacts our daily life, this piece deals with the problematic of repetitive actions, framing and acquiring its meaning outside of human expression. This composition sustains an
immutable tempo of 120 bpm from beginning to end and its excessive
mechanization brings it to a state akin to “rave” in the middle section, drawing from the techno genre, A possible paradox occurs , where the mechanical and artificial may trigger a physical trance state, a human expression.


One of the first compositions conceived at the beginning of the pandemic. This is a contemplative, static and melancholic piece, based on tiny melodic structures with light and minimal variation. The piano on the foreground dialogs with the shadows of a  diffuse virtual piano out of tune, that emerges and vanishes inside sonic textures and background noise… perhaps the noise of our own making.

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